FNB, the bank which brought official Paypal support to South Africa. The first bank to have its own app, and now the first bank to offer you an iPad 2 at an extremely reduced price, to use that app on.

Starting today, FNB Gold and Platinum cheque account holders can order a 16Gb wifi + 3G iPad 2 for a very impressive R4800. Thats a saving of R899! It gets better, there is also the option to pay for the device over a 24 month period with zero interest.

That works out to an incredible R200 a month, which can be debited straight for your account every month. At that price how can you say no?

Interested? If you are an FNB cheque account holder, all you have to do is SMS the word “Tablet” to 32812. Its that simple.

Also on offer are a Blackberry and various Android devices with similar incredible savings.

Is an R899 saving on an iPad 2 going to make you consider changing banks? Let us know in the comments section.

Update: Michael Jordaan,the CEO of FNB, stated on twitter today that FNB are receiving applications for 2 iPads/Smartphones a minute. That is a incredible amount, it also explains the delays some are experiencing when it comes to being contacted after their SMS’. In this case, patience is very much a virtue.

Update 2: Looks like FNB have sneakily increased the monthly price of the iPad by R29 (Now R229/month) and added a R120 delivery fee. Please be aware of this if you are still interested in taking advantage of this offer.

  • riaans

    Its not even on their website, how did you come accross this ?

    • Brett

      It is currently being promoted on Twitter, there should hopefully be something up on their website later day.

      • Charles Du Preez

        I have been waiting 28 days for the IPad2 Tablet. They told me there is a 7 – 10 day turn around, advertising standards authority. Also its not automatic. What I want to know is whether FNB has a right to compel me to pay a debt that was written off 4 years ago, that no longer appears on the credit bureau. Can they really keep adverse information which ought to have been discarded long ago? Blade Ndzimande must come to my rescue even if I am a pale male

        • Dhh

          Placed order around 26th Dec 2011. UTI delivered first week of Jan 2012

    • Jarppi Duplessis

      It is on their website, check the News section, at the moment it’s the third article from the top. It’s official too, I’ve got four guys working with me that changed their accounts to FNB, it’s been smooth sailing, all got their cards within a couple of days, debit orders are moved for you,etc. They just are the best bank to bank with in RSA. NO question about it…

  • Vinnyc89

    just phoned FNB and its legit

  • Piet

    FNB FTMFW!! :D

    • Sam Mathadeen

      What does this mean?

  • Puni

    FNB + Apple = iWin

  • Ernestw006


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  • http://www.facebook.com/Rico.FJ.Smith Rico Kinu Smith

    So if I want to change banks what will you do for me?

  • Liebenberg Erik

    Good day

    I would surely consider moving my account over to FNB for all the benefits that they offer currently as well as the fact that I can get an Ipad 2 at this price, what should I do to get things going?

    • Brett

      Head over to their website (www.fnb.co.za) and apply for the account you’re interested in.

      • Liebenberg Erik

        I have done the SMS things, I however would like to chat to someone regarding this….. Could someone contact me regarding moving banks

        • Jarppi Duplessis

          FNB should contact you within 48 hours and they will explain everything to you. Two of my friends have just moved away from their banks, and FNB will move all your debit orders for you, making it a painless experience.

          • Ims

            I havent received a call from FNB after sending the sms twice, the first being on Wednesday and again today. whats going on? Is there a number I can phone?

          • Muniera

            Please note once you send the sms to 32812, your return sms states you will be contacted within 48 hours (working days) which means 5-6 working days!

          • Rizwana Aboobaker

            lol im waiting two months  for a reply !!!!!!!

  • Mr T

    i was speaking to a friend and there are quite a few TERMS AND CONDITIONS example limits on monthly withdraws,service fees etc, can some from FNB clarify??????

    • Jarppi Duplessis

      None of the T&C’s are inhibiting – FNB are on a drive to move the majority of everyone’s banking towards an electronic platform – that’s why you only have two free ATM withdrawals per month. But face it, not that safe to draw money from an ATM anyway. As for the rest of the T&C’s, it’s pretty standard stuff. Nothing to be concerned about.

      • Dan Smith

        It’s not safe if I’m drawing R2000 a time because I only have two withdrawals – much safer to be drawing small amounts.

        That said, I like the way FNB are thinking – keep on innovating!

  • Sarah

    Till when is this special going on?

  • Fundi

    i am not changing banks, just excited that I qualify as an FNB Platinum account Holder, whoop, whoop!

  • Rob

    What are the additional charges. Your comments above state R4800 yet there are additional monthly charges (not discussed or described) at R79 per month. So this amounts to more than the actual retail….. huh? Or are those the account charges for Gold Members?

    • Jarppi Duplessis

      The retail price of the unit is closer to R5600 – once you paid R200 p/m for 24 months you end up paying R4800 for the unit, which is a considerable saving. The R200 p/m is additional to your existing banking fees.

  • Julian

    No I wanted a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Jogami2

    I love this and I love my bank! FNB – reaching new frontiers!!!

  • Disgruntled FNB customer

    Why doesn’t FNB tell upfront that the condition to take up this offer is to have unlimited ATM withdrawals reduced to 2 per month after which ATM withdrawal charges will apply. Depending on need for cash and use of ATMs, the published savings on these discounted devices could easily be overtaken.

    There was a big fuss about banking fees a few years ago. So this is how banking fees get increased…under the guise of ‘how can we help you’.

    As the supervisor pointed out, I don’t have to take up the offer. I will not…nor be fooled…

  • Auntymunga

    I loves my FNB!

  • Vishal

    Would this make me consider changing banks? HELL NO!

    Roughly 5 weeks ago – i tried opening an account with FNB, the kind lady at the bank said it would take 3-5 working days. Four (4) weeks later- the credit card which i had been pre-approved for, still hadn’t come.

    To this day – i am still waiting for a call from FNB.

    All that i receive – is an sms every 2nd day and the numerous e-mails that I’ve sent have been responded to by an automated apology?!?

    We need to stop being complacent about poor service delivery. If you pay for a service (bank charges), should the service not be rendered to you? Or am i asking for too much?

  • Lil Prince41

    I Love Love Love FNB!!!!!

    I changed accounts from Nedbank to FNB a year or so ago! The service costs are better! The perks are BETTER! the service it self is better!! The apps are great! the mobile banking, internet banking and now “tablet” banking makes life so easy!!

    We love you FNB!!

  • Riaanwelman

    Not a shabby deal, but I can get the 64Gb version for R4500, although I do not have the option to pay it off.

    • Vexon

      Where can you get a 64gb for R 4500?

    • query

      where do you get it from at that price?

  • Rene_smal

    i don’t have a cheque acc!! only savings and a credit card! :(

  • Hannes Geel

    Definately. I was contemplating which bank to move to as I am really angry with my current bank, but it seems that FNB might just be the way to go!

  • Shaunchiki


  • Rions

    Im changing form ABSA to FNB this week, and this iPad deal just pushed me over the edge to do so

    • http://www.facebook.com/willie.f.botha Willie F Botha

      het julle al gekyk of daar ‘n groot verskil is met kontrak pryse by die selfoon maatskappye . Die maatskappye is ook daar by die R220 per maand maar dan kom jou data by wat dit dan duurder maak.My private Ipad is 16G 3G met 2Gib vir R400 alles insluitend vir 24 maande.Met die Ipad van FNB hoeveel data kry jy by??

  • Jmulryan

    FNB ROCKS !!!!!

  • evanthia bellos

    i want an i pad for xmas please santa and fnb xoxo

  • Kabelo

    How do i find out how far my ipad/smartphone applicatioon is? I have applied and i’m still waiting for a consultant to call me.

  • MR T

    you have to keep waiting there, i am still waiting for a call back

  • justin

    I called yesterday and they wanted t charge me R229 per month; greed and false advertising IMO. Told them to shove it…

  • Sello Themba

    still waiting!!! for a consultant to call

  • Emmacherry69

    Why does it say R200 then actually charge R229?????

  • Mary-Ann

    I have recently opened an FNB account. I am still waiting for them to confirm that my debit orders have been switched – from 1 November 2011. So now I have two bank accounts open and am paying bank charges for both! My Cheque card does not work at FNB atm’s! The ipad offer has conditions attached to it – be careful. When I enquired they said that if I took the ipad I would only get 3 free cash withdrawals a month and the rest I would pay for – even if it was at an FNB atm. The reason I moved banks was to save money – so what does that help???????????????

  • Noleen7

    FNB – YOU ARE THE MOST AWESOMEST BANK EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aveens

    Still waiting far a call back, over a week now.

  • Ragnilw

    I am an FNB Client. Thought the promo was worth it until they phoned today. Total cost is R229 x 24 months = R5496. And remember this does include any data, sim connection etc.

    • Ragnilw

      FYI You have to have minimum deposits of R5500 into your account. I have been trying to get salary switch and Debit order Switch Since march 2011 and finally gave up. So still have my Absa account for my debit orders and just do Internet transfer. That said I spent 1 hour in ABSA today to just close my Overdraft. So all banks SUX. Fnb Just sux a bit less. :)

  • Mychailvanwyk

    I went into fnb the told meR230 for 24 months false advertising..

  • Monjeck


  • Marsha

    seriously now, your staff needs to get clued up of your service offering. i referred a friend of mine wha firstly does not have an FNB account, after convincing him, he was asked to pay R365 per month.

  • Roland Firtoen

    FNB……….NO WAYS too much problems. they cant sought out.

  • Vorstero

    My Ipad is not going on unless I plug it in…. I received it on Friday 27 January 2012. Since Saturday I have been trying to get help from EITHER FNB or APPLE….But to no avail…… there is no Apple store in Bloemfontein……… the people working at FNB don’t know what to do……. WHY AM I THE VICTIM OF SOMETHING THAT WAS OBVIOUSLY NOT WELL THOUGHT THROUGH……. IF YOU CANNOT SERVICE THE SMALLER CITIES LIKE BLOEMFONTEIN…. WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE PLATTELANDSE DORPIES? JUST ASKING…..

  • Philani Ndlela

    My name is Philani and my no is 0820418823 , I applied for a 3G i which was on a promotion up untill now no -one has come back to me. or said a thing. They had sent a phone and i sent it back.

  • Thembekandlovu

    I applied for this product but never got a reply

  • Seun


    REGARDS SEUN  071 445 6500

  • Ryan Gibb

    Bull I got a call yesterday and the ipad 16gig wifi and 3G cost 255 a month =R6120 please can some one explaine

    • http://www.facebook.com/pjbuys Kobus Buys

      your bank charges are also included

  • Hugodup

    Seems like the complaints are also coming in at 2 a minute !!!
    And I am also waiting for the callback – about 4 weeks ago !!

  • Jwholldt

    Hi FNB,
    i applied for an Apple i PAD and received it 5 days later.
    Thank you for great service and commitment all as you have promised.
    Keep up the good work.
    willem holdt

    • Leonbezuidenhout

      You are the only one that got it fnb sucks all talk no show

  • rudi

    if the ipad 2 price is dropping to 3999 from apple stores…. what will FNB’s price drop to? i’ll do it if the price is relative to the istore price.

  • Nikhil Nansook

    hi fnb are you going to include the new ipad into your deals?

  • Cam

    id change to capitec and would probably be able to buy an ipad with the cash savings on bank charges and interest earned from interest they give on ordinary
    transaction accounts..

  • michael kruger

    help no serive rom FNB about ipad 0713609817 all promiss were sad

  • fintel

    I have now been waiting for almost 6 weeks to get this deal sorted out. Phoned them numerous times. Putting the tablet on priority obviously means nothing as I put it on priority 2 – 3 bloody weeks ago. Two days ago i get an sms that the tablet has been ordered. I’ll believe that when I see it. Very disappointing

  • Lobisaeudocia

    it good price

  • Lobisaeudocia

    its nice thing to have

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacques.firestone Jacques Firestone

    If i pay for something i also expect the service, FNB is lacking in service, until thy have improved there service people like me wont switch from our banks to them. regarding the Ipad, If i want a ipad i’ll buy in on my credit card its cheaper then there special, I’ll buy it in cape town at canel mall.

  • Florence Nicolas

    hi do u have ipad mini in the fbn? i have only gold fbn bank card

  • Tox

    Out of so many comments I’ve read, only 2 or 3 people are satisfied with the service. Thats enough to convince me to stay with my bank!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/willie.f.botha Willie F Botha

    Is dit nie die ou tipe Ipads nie .Die nuwes is mos 4G

  • Gideon

    How have they managed to make an iPad work with their internet banking system. They have been trying to help me with my Macbook Pro and they have no idea how to get it to work. We have been working on it for a long time and they keep telling me to do the same thing which obviously doesn’t work. I don’t understand how a business that big cannot afford to employ someone who can solve problems. Any ideas ? Please !!!!